Anxiety Blanket – Weighted Blankets For Anxiety And Insomnia

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An Anxiety Blanket – Weighted Blankets For Anxiety And Insomnia, also known as a gravity blanket or weighted blanket has proven to be a very popular choice for those suffering from anxiety but also so much more!

Quick Summary on the Amy Garden Heavy Blanket for Anxiety…

  • This amazing product comes in a variety of colors and sizes.
  • An Anxiety blanket – weighted blankets for anxiety and insomnia should be roughly 10% of the user’s weight.
  • Can assist with the soothing and assisting of Anxiety symptoms and stress, insomnia and sleep disorders as well as ADHD, ASD and even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Cotton inner layer with compartments filled with safe, non-toxic glass beads.
  • Weighted Blanket Benefits include reduce anxiety, promote and improve sleep, help in calming meltdowns, non-medicinal therapy, improved focus and attention, and deep pressure for chronic pain.

Who Needs an Anxiety Blanket and How’s It Work?

There are many more weighted blanket benefits apart from those just suffering from anxiety. Over the years, several studies have proven that weighted blanket therapy can also assist those people being challenged by insomnia and other sleep disorders, stress and even PTSD, ASD and ADHD!

People from all walks of life are also flocking to the use of an anxiety blanket for these ailments and conditions as they are a completely drug free method treatment; a treatment option being searched for more and more these days.

Weighted blankets for anxiety and insomnia related conditions work by creating a deep pressure and soothing touch on the body. This in turn leads to relaxation and all the mental “slowing down” affects. A weighted blanket for anxiety uses this pressure and weight to encourage the release of the sleep hormone. Meanwhile at the same time, the hormone responsible for creating stress and uneasiness is inhibited.

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Why more of us need these gravity blankets than ever before…

Thanks to our intense and “electronic” lifestyles, including our addiction to checking our phones right before bed, insomnia and other sleep disorders have increased rapidly in the developed nations. Even if you are not an anxiety sufferer, you too could enjoy some weighted blanket benefits!

Many people who have purchased a heavy blanket for anxiety and insomnia have reported in sheer delight and exhilaration, just how amazing it feels to finally get a good and refreshing, full sleep – the best nights sleep I have had in years is a popular claim!

Perhaps described best, an anxiety blanket – weighted blankets for anxiety and insomnia replicates the feeling of being held or even hugged, relaxing the nervous system and reducing stress. Therefore, it is so good for us all – who doesn’t want the security of being held tight and loved – but especially good as a comforter for children or anxious adults. A well-matched weighted anxiety blanket will have you and your children sleeping better and for longer!

But it’s not just for anxiety and insomnia either! Weighted blanket therapy can be useful when trying to calm the mind for a meditation session, when you are a little restless in bed or even just as a calming and relaxing influence when reading a book or watching TV.
Apart from the conditions listed above, an anxiety blanket can even help with controlling weight gain!

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So, What’s in An Anxiety Blanket?

The compartmentalized inner blanket is made of 100% pure, breathable cotton. Each compartment is then filled with filled with hypo-allergenic and odorless plastic poly pellets which make the magic happen!

Quick note to mention: for cleaning purposes, we feel it is best to pop your weighted blanket in a duvet or quilt cover. When it’s time for washing, just wash the cover. You can of course have the blanket dry cleaned from time to time too. 

New users of a weighted anxiety blanket will notice that it is indeed noticeably heavier than a usual blanket. This pressure is what produces the calming, hug/hold effect. It should not take more than a few days, at the very most a week, for your body to acclimatize to your new weighted blanket. After that, you will probably feel like normal bed blankets are far too light!

The Amy Garden Anxiety Blanket – Weighted Blankets for Anxiety and Insomnia comes in a range of sizes.

When choosing a new weighted anxiety blanket for yourself or perhaps a family member, use the guide of 10%. Meaning the blanket should only be as heavy as 10% of the body-weight of the person using it. You can go up to as high as 15%; not for children, but more in the case of selecting weighted blankets for adults with anxiety.

Amy Garden Weighted Blanket Amazon Sizes:

48″ x 72″ – 15lbs                36″ x 48″ – 5lbs                40″ x 60″ – 10lbs
48″ x 72″ – 12lbs                60″ x 80″ – 15lbs              60″ x 80″ – 20lbs

Who Is the Anxiety Blanket NOT Recommended For?

It is our strong advice that a weighted blanket should NOT be used on babies or pregnant women for safety reasons. Those that are very weak, or frail should also not use this product.

Why an Amy Garden Anxiety Blanket?

Amy Garden are proud to manufacture and sell the best-selling weighted blanket for anxiety on all of Amazon!
The team at Amy Garden deliver quality workmanship especially in the all-important sewing department as well as using quality materials in all their weighted blankets. High quality checking and branding across all stages of production is in place to ensure best practice. They also use safe, non-toxic glass pellets.

Whether you are a sufferer of one or several of the conditions discussed above, or you just need a calming and protective influence from time to time, you will delight in the soothing benefits weighted blanket therapy can provide.

Join the ranks of those getting an amazing and refreshing nights sleep and grab yourself an anxiety blanket – weighted blankets for anxiety and insomnia today!buy anxiety blanket

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  1. Liz Skelcher

    I find weighted blankets to be very beneficial in my work (I am a special needs teacher) and also at home, for my dog.
    The deep pressure that weighted blankets can provide give anxious kids a feeling of safety and security. This is similar for all of us – we all love a ‘big hug’ and that’s what a weighted blanket gives you!
    (If you’re interested … Weighted blankets provide a proprioceptive input on our bodies. For many people, this input causes the brain to release neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, among others, which have naturally calming effects. These are proven to be beneficial for people experiencing anxiety, stress and insomnia.)
    As an added extra, my rescue dog also loves been snuggled up with a weighted blanket wrapped around him – it helps him to cope with separation anxiety and staying calm during thunderstorms or hearing loud bangs!
    Review by LS

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